Crochet Challenge: Organize Your Kit and Project Bag

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Week 26 challenge (08-27-14):   Go through your crochet kit and project bag and organize them.

 Yarn Tote Organizer BagI bought this bag from Miles Kimball for $13.99 and free shipping.   (Click the pic to go there if you want to order one).

It is my main project bag.  I was surprised at the quality, for the price.  It is so functional.  When I got it, it had a bad plastic smell; I unzipped everything and let it air a couple of days and it was fine.

It's soft-sided so it squishes into spaces.  It stays by my chair and I grab it by the nylon strap and put it in the floorboard of the car when we go places.

 Yarn Tote Organizer Bag One side has a clear pocket that holds a spiral notebook and pattern and has a velcro tab closure.
 Yarn Tote Organizer Bag
The other side has a clear zippered pocket that holds my set of crochet hooks, and a ziploc bag that holds a spare pair of glasses, row counter, bandaids, clothespins, pens, marker, and kleenex.

 Yarn Tote Organizer BagThere are three zippered pockets on the front.  Each pocket holds two big skeins of yarn.  The project I'm working on now uses 6 different colors.  Perfect!

 Yarn Tote Organizer BagThe top has smooth metal grommets that the yarn feeds through. There are velcro tabs that hold the yarn ends to keep them separated and from sliding back through the holes.  There is also a small zippered pocket that holds miscellaneous items.  I have lens wipes to clean my glasses, a pen, some unfinished grannies, and a tape measure in it.
 Yarn Tote Organizer Bag
The back has a zipper that opens into a roomy space to store the unfinished work.  Mine shown here is holding completed granny squares for an afghan, and has plenty of room to hold the rest.  That black fabric notebook in the front is a magnetic pattern holder.

Chatelaine with scissors, pin cushion & needle threaderIt also holds my chatelaine, which has my scissors, and a pineapple pin cushion with yarn needles, needle threader, safety pin markers, and the crochet hook I'm using.

Project tote bagOther larger projects are in tote bags, like this one that is holding the work-in-progress, pattern, yarn, and tunisian hook for an afghan I'm making for my daughter.

Ziploc bags hold crochet projects

Each smaller project is in a clear ziploc bag, which is stored in a plastic bin.  I can just grab the one I want, along with the hook needed and chatelaine from my main project bag.

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One simple task per week - your skills, style & knowledge will evolve while you're having fun! 

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  1. Is there a pattern for the chatelaine strap and pineapple pincushion? Thank you in advance! :)


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