Crochet Challenge: Crocheted Items Years From Now

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Week 24 challenge (08-13-14):   Imagine one of your crocheted pieces years from now.  Where will it be?  Who will have it?  Describe what you think the answers will be, or make up a story instead.

Giraffe Afghan and Toy
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Answer:  Wow.  It's always tricky imagining reality - because what I think is a treasure may just be tossed aside by the owner!  What I'd like to imagine - my story - is that the items I create will be used, loved and snuggled with, fondled, talked about.  Perhaps carefully folded with tissue paper and stored to be presented to the next generation.

My heart and soul and love go into crocheting unique and special touches that I hope will give happiness, such as this afghan.  I designed and added the sun, butterflies, elephant, rocks, snake, and caterpillars.  I used special fluffy yarn for the clouds, and textured yarn for the tree trunk.  I added more leaves on the tree, added manes and tails on the giraffes, and added a bird and flowers from patterns I found.

I love doing things like this, because nothing on this earth could give me more joy than to have something I have done give someone else happiness.

We have such a short time on earth, and then we're gone and forgotten.  Perhaps it's egotistical  but my existence seems less pointless if a part of me left behind would be loved.

Where will your crocheted pieces be in the future? 

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One simple task per week - your skills, style & knowledge will evolve while you're having fun! 

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