Free crochet pattern: Perfect Hot Pads

Perfect Hot Pads / PotholdersIf you want to crochet a pot holder / hot pad that is going to be the most used one in the house, this may be it.

This is the work horse --- the potholder reached for when you're doing serious, no- nonsense cooking.  There is a reason generations have made potholders with this stitch.

The Stitch

The stitch used is called the single crochet thermal stitch; also called the “potholder stitch”, honeycomb stitch (from the early 1900’s), Helena’s potholder stitch, double thick stitch, Siberian stitch, and waffle weave technique.

The Tips

This is a very easy stitch to learn.  All it is, is single crochet - you just put the hook in different loops.

The first 3 rows are hardest, only as far as knowing the beginning and end stitches to work into - they can get kind of hidden.  Just put a stitch marker in those stitches right when you make them and it will save headaches and let you see right where they are. Otherwise, your potholder may take on a pyramid or slanted square shape!  After row 5 it’s no problem, but keep using the markers if you need to.

Perfect Potholder / Hot PadThis stitch is not very speedy, but remember that is because it is making a double thickness.  It is what you want for a potholder or hot pad and the end result is worth it.

The pattern calls for an H-8 (5 mm) hook.  I used a G-6 (4 mm) hook for a closer weave, but don't believe that it was necessary.

The Lowdown

 This is a very nice, thick, well-shaped, sturdy potholder that will last a LONG time and one I would be proud to give as a gift to anyone.

The Pattern

Pattern with photos:  The Best Crocheted Potholder, by Heather Tucker  (Has link to a video for more help, if needed).

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