Crochet Challenge: Online Crochet Class or Helpful Videos

Have you ever taken an online crochet class?  If you have, tell us about your experience.  If not, check out some crochet classes at or find a helpful video on YouTube to share.

This was the challenge for Week 25 (08-20-14).   One simple task per week and your skills, style and knowledge will evolve while you're having fun! Just click the "Are you Ready?!" button on the sidebar to get started.

My response:  My goodness, there are a bazillion resources to choose from nowadays.  We may curse technology for some things, but oh, how wonderful it is, putting so much information at our fingertips!

Craftsy (

Craftsy Free Mini-Class, Crochet Ribbing, Textures, and BeadsI registered at this site some time ago.  While I've never paid for any of their online classes, they always have some free mini-classes.  For example, right now they have this one on crochet textures using ribbing, cables and beads.

They also have everything "craftsy" - not just crochet and knit.  There's also embroidery, quilting, sewing, jewelry, paper crafts, photography, painting, drawing, gardening, woodworking, spinning, weaving, cake decorating, food & cooking.  I do have some classes earmarked to take for drawing and cake decorating.


My goodness again!  I don't think there's anything that can't be found on youtube; and for free.  The mind just boggles!

Today I watched this video showing the Tunisian Simple Stitch, and the slip stitch bind-off.

This one is by the amazing Tamara Kelly from Moogly.  I like her videos because I can follow and understand them! In fact, she has a number of instructional videos, and her blog is a veritable smorgasborg of information, tips and tricks.

I don't know how she does everything she does, but do yourself a favor and visit her:
Moogly Blog  (
Tamara Kelly You Tube Channel  (

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch DesignsLow-tech is still cool

And then there are still books!  There's nothing like flipping through the pages of books and having the printed instructions in front of you!

Until next time!
It's never too late to join the 52 Week Crochet Challenge by Julie at Red Berry Crochet! One simple task per week - your skills, style & knowledge will evolve while you're having fun! 

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