Crochet Challenge: Crochet from a chart

This week's challenge (06-18-14):  Find a small crochet pattern, such as a square or motif, that has a stitch chart.  Work the project from only the chart, without following any written instructions.
Answer:  Crochet charts have fascinated me, but I've always been so wrapped up in other projects that I haven't attempted them.  Crochet Challenge to the rescue again!

There is a great tutorial at:  Crochet School Lesson 21: Reading Crochet Charts, which also had the chart pattern used.

This:                                         Was turned into this:
Image of symbols explaining how to crochet from a chart  Granny square crocheted from a chart

It made me scrunch my face a lot, but was easier than I thought it would be, which makes me want to try more.  It would open up a whole new world of patterns from other languages that I can't access otherwise.

Do you crochet from a chart, or pattern, or both?  Let me know!

Until next time!

It's never too late to join the 52 Week Crochet Challenge by Julie at Red Berry Crochet!
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