Free Crochet Pattern - Coaster Cozy for Iced Drinks

Make any size coaster-cozy using any weight cotton yarn, and any size hook!

So, just what is a coaster - cozy?

Iced Drinking Glass Coaster - CozyA combination of a coaster and a cozy, of course!  A coaster for iced drinks, but also a cozy to help insulate and make the ice last longer, and of course soak up condensation. 

At first my daughter pooh-poohed at this crochet pattern for a coaster - cozy for cold icy drinks and sodas, but now she isn't seen without it!  (And now that my other daughter has seen them, she has requested a set too).

It fits the glass well, and once the glass starts to sweat, gets even better, gripping to the glass, making it quite secure when using it – it will not slip off.  

The instructions include a lot of notes and tips, and when you are through, you’ll be able to breeze through making more with your own custom pattern, or create new patterns using different stitches.

Iced Drinking Glass Coaster - Cozy StabilizerBecause I can be a bit of a klutz at times, I added a "stabilizer" at the bottom.  Two stabilizer options are provided.  

The tan stabilizer is a bit easier to work, but if you're familiar with reverse single crochet (rsc), you won't have a problem with the purple style.
Iced Drinking Glass Coaster - Cozy Stabilizer

The written pattern sample given uses a modified aligned cobble stitch (shown on tan colored cozy), and includes directions for an option to combine that with a modified griddle stitch (the top half of the purple one).   These stitches were chosen because they are simple, stretchy, solid enough to insulate, and lend visual interest/texture.

Iced Drinking Glass Coaster - Cozy
I made mine tall to go up over the curve of the glass, but you can make them any height you want.

These will be on my "gifts to crochet" list, to be given along with a set of glasses.

Until next time!

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