Crochet Challenge: Crochet in the movies and on TV

Week 18 challenge (07-02-14):   Name a movie or TV show in which someone is crocheting, or that has a crocheted item in it.
Answer:  Vanna White from The Wheel of Fortune came to mind right away. Although I don't remember her actually crocheting on a show, she became an Ambassador for the art by discussing and promoting it.

Deborah Norville also promoted her love of crochet and knit.  Between the two of them crochet came to the forefront, and they opened up lots more yarn options with their own yarn lines for our enjoyment.

As far as spotting crocheted items on TV and in the movies, there's no shortage, there.  Who can forget the afghan on the back of the couch on Roseanne?  Character Amy Fowler on the Big Bang Theory has one on her couch, too.  They make instant-homey back drops on a set don't they?
Crochet on TV - RoseanneCrochet on TV - Big Bang Theory
Crocheted afghan on Roseanne. Crocheted afghan on The Big Bang Theory
It was easy to find crocheted items on TV and in the movies --- afghans, doilies, hats, dresses, scarves, jackets, etc.
But to find anyone actually crocheting in the media, that was a tough one!  After a bit of searching, how fun to find that Betty White crocheted in an episode of Hot in Cleveland!
Crocheting on TV - Betty White - Hot in Cleveland Crocheting on TV - Deborah Norville - Knitting Daily
Betty White crocheting, Hot in Cleveland Deborah Norville, Knitting Daily TV
Deborah Norville introduced an array of crochet stuffies on Knitting Daily TV How-To with Deborah Norville, Episode 705.

Another member of this Challenge, Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence found these cool episodes from Breaking Amish and The New Girl.

Crocheting on TV - Orange is the New BlackPaulii from Ravelry found this great find!  Orange is the New Black, Season 2, Episode 8

The Wrap-Up

This has been another interesting challenge!  It pointed out a lack of balance in regard to crochet:  It's a snap to find lots of TV shows and movies in which people are knitting.  But, even though crocheted items are found being worn and used for decor far and wide, the actual act of crocheting has been ignored.  What a shame!

Until next time!

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  1. I remember that episode of Hot in Cleveland! I'm currently obsessing over the Breaking Amish afghan, although I haven't seen the show, I've seen pictures of it on Ravelry. Fun post, thanks for sharing :)

  2. There is a movie in which Bette Davis does crochet in many scenes.

    1. The movie is called "The Letter" in it she crochet's a delicate and beautiful shawl that looks like a wedding veil. In the movie she plays a woman who murders her lover. So Better Davis!


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