Crochet Challenge: Crochet a summer project

Week 17 challenge (06-25-14):   Celebrate the First Day of Summer (June 27) by crocheting a beach or summer fun project.
Answer:  If it's one thing we know in Texas, it's summer heat!  Of course, we don't have a monopoly on it, but we do have a lot of it!   We've already had 99 deg F days, and the endless 99-100+ days are upon us.

This means trying to perspire in a ladylike way, with hair being soaked, sticking to the back of the neck, and...well, you get the picture.  I'd already been in search of the perfect summer headband pattern, and found this free pattern.

Crocheted Cool Summer Scarf - Head Band
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It is airy and cool, and the cotton I used (pattern calls for acrylic) keeps my forehead and neck dry in the heat. It stays tied with just one tie, is stretchy and doesn't slip around.  It is super easy and super fast.

This is a "Boho" or "Gypsy" scarf, hence it's length.  You can make it shorter or longer, and you can make it the width you want.

This one that I made is 6 rows wide, which I found too wide even for summer, so it will be used in the fall.  I'm making another one that will be 4 rows wide, and a little shorter.

Until next time!

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