Crochet Challenge: What's Your Favorite Crochet Hook?

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I highly recommend this for anyone that crochets.  I'm not the moderator; just someone that is doing it.   One simple task per week and your skills, style and knowledge will evolve while you're having fun.  Just click the "Are you Ready?" button on the sidebar to get started.

Week 21 challenge (07-23-14):   What is your favorite crochet hook, and why?
Answer:  Definitely Susan Bates.

I have used Boye hooks, but after trying a couple of Susan Bates Silvalumes, I was hooked. (Yes, I hear you groaning from the bad pun).
Susan Bates Quicksilver Crochet Hook Set
Years ago, I bought this set of Susan Bates Quicksilver hooks, and the rest is history. (I don't know what history, but it sounded good) :D

The set has sizes B - K. They are nice and smooth.

The reason I like them is first, because it is an in-line hook.  So much easier to maintain perfect stitch size (for me, anyway).  I also prefer the pointed tip of the hook, which helps work into tight stitches, and the hook is chiseled more than the Boye so I can catch up yarn strands easier.

If you don't know the difference between in-line hooks and "throated" hooks, and the impact they can have on your stitches, check out this article: Nerdigurumi - Guide to Crochet Hooks.

Boye Knitting Needle Point Protectors
Susan Bates Crochet Hook Comfort Grips
I put Susan Bates comfort grips on the shaft of the smaller hooks, and on the non-hook end, Boye knitting needle point protectors.  They are quite comfortable to use.

Tip:  To make your hooks glide smoothly (1) polish with some wax paper, (2) run alongside your nose, or (3) run through your hair.
These tips are from old-timers and they work!

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One simple task per week - your skills, style & knowledge will evolve while you're having fun! 

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