Free Crochet Pattern: Easy Speedy Dishcloth

Free crochet pattern - Fast Easy Wash / Dish Cloth

Super Speedy Easy Crocheted Dishcloth

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Free crochet pattern - Fast Easy Wash / Dish ClothThis free crochet pattern for a dish / wash cloth may not be unique, but I could not find another one like it, so I wrote it down.

Simply a take on the easy griddle stitch, you'll have the pattern memorized in 3-4 rows!

Made it to fit what I wanted a dishcloth to be:  Not too heavy, so it will dry out before mildewing here in the hot South, but not too light so it will absorb a lot.  Not too textured to make it hard to rinse out, but textured enough to scrub.  Not so big that it would slosh ends around, but plenty large enough to fit under my large hands, and soak up liquid.
Free crochet pattern - Fast Easy Wash / Dish Cloth
Easy enough for beginners, it uses less than one skein worsted (weight-4) cotton [2 oz. (56 g) / 95 yard (87 m)] and a size I-9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook.

Please show me pictures of yours.  I'd really love to see them!

Until next time!

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