Crochet Challenge: Crochet in public

This weeks challenge:  Crochet in public sometime this week and tell us about your experience.
Answer:  First opportunity was about a week after this post.

Crochet in public #1:  I  did whip out my crocheting at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles while waiting for my husband as he renewed his driver's license.

A lady next to me asked me what I was making.  I told her it was a dishcloth, and how nice crocheted dishcloths were, and how easy to make.  She said she and her mom used them, but had to buy them as they didn't crochet but wanted to learn.  She watched, fascinated, as we chatted,  and I hoped she might think about learning how!

Free crochet pattern - Lily Sugar'n Cream Speedy Texture Dishcloth
Click for free pattern
This is what I was making.  This free Lily Sugar'n Cream pattern calls for a size H hook, for a 13" square.  I wanted less dense and smaller so used a K hook and began with ch 29, for 28 st across, which made a 10" square.  After making it that way, I recommend using a J hook (instead of K), and reducing the beginning chain even more if necessary for a 9" cloth.  

Crochet in public #2:  In the hospital waiting room while my husband was having a procedure, a young lady and her mother talked about the crochet I was doing, commenting how they'd like to learn.  Another lady plopped down next to me and said she didn't have her  crochet with her, but was working on plastic canvas crosses and we could chat too!  
Free crochet pattern - Summer Headband / Scarf
Click for free pattern

I already had a plan to present my crocheted item to the young lady (whose mother had also gone in for a procedure).  

Just as they called my name to go back to post-op, I cut the last woven-in end!  Talk about good timing!   I gave her this summer headband / scarf, and wished her and her mother best wishes.  Her eyes were huge and she was speechless except for saying over and over "Oh, my...God bless you."  

By crocheting in public, I met such nice ladies and had such a pleasant conversation that the time passed quickly.  It was nice to have an otherwise tense event offset by such a happy experience.

What experiences have you had?  I'd love to know!

Until next time!

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  1. Nice dishcloth, I like the stitch pattern. Maybe the lady will decide to learn how to crochet - you never know!


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