Free crochet granny square patterns: May 2014BAMCAL #1

Free crochet pattern - Calla Lily Granny Square
This crocheted calla lily block is one of my favorites; and what makes it jaw-dropping, is that the pattern is free!

The name of the pattern is Purifying Puritans 12" Afghan Block/Tutorial by Margaret MacInnis (aka mugginsquilts on Ravelry).

The pattern as written did not have the bullions in the center.  It's gorgeous just as it is written, though, isn't it?


  • The pattern is for a 12" square, but I used hook size G (4.00mm) and Simply Soft yarn to make the 9" square that I prefer.
  • Wish I could take credit, but the idea of adding bullions was not mine!  I was inspired by fellow Ravelry member, Lettice.  View her notes to see how to do it:  Click Lettice's Peace Lily or cut and paste the following link:  (You shouldn't have trouble but if you do, let me know; I'll get them to you)!
  • See TIPS, below


  • Don't be a dufus like I was!  I struggled for a long time trying to understand how the petals connected, before remembering that the lovely Ms. MacInnis provides two pattern options - a short version (which I had downloaded), AND a photo tutorial (which I hadn't, because I forgot about it). *Banging head on computer*  My confusion would have been solved in the blink of an eye because it was an easy thing!
  • Are bullions scary???!  The square itself is not at all difficult to do.  The addition of bullions does increase the difficulty, but if you've been afraid of the bullion stitch, watch this video, using a STRAW as an aid:  Crochet the Roll or Bullion Stitch + tips & tricks.  
Crocheted example of the bullion stitch
I'd never done bullions before either.  Here are my very first ones I did after watching it.  If I hadn't found this particular method, I might not have adopted this as a "can do" stitch!

Free crochet pattern - Calla LilyHere's my first "lily" for the square, using Lettice's instructions.

If you watch the video and give the bullion stitch a try, or find another method that worked better for you, I'd like to hear your personal experience!

In any case, whether you're new to bullions like I was, or experienced, I'd love to see some of your work!

Until next time!

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Your thoughts are always appreciated!