Yarn scraps: More great tips and ideas!

Yarn scrap ideas - Cat's Cradle Gift Wrap
Photo by Andrea at Strawberry Chic

Use as a striking gift wrap, such as these "Cat's Cradle" designs.  More pretty ideas at website.  (Click pic for details)

Scrap yarn ideas - Crocheted owls 
Scrap yarn owls 

"...put (yarn scraps) out on your deck or patio for the birds to use in their nest building, use it to tie up plants that need support, wrap a gift with yarn instead of ribbon, or make those cute owls!!!"
(tips by quiltmomdesigns ) 

Note:  Yarn should be cut in 4" - 6" lengths to be safe for bird nesting material.
Yarn scrap ideas - Tie plants to stakes for support
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-- Photo from Yardener

"I've also used yarn as a plant
support - works great!  If the
support needs to be a bit
thicker, crochet a chain first."

Yarn scrap ideas - colorful gift wrap decor
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-- Photo from Studio DIY

Even itty bits of yarn on a brown-paper-wrapped gift are so darned cute!

Or how about just tying one to the other
for one long strand (leaving the ends) and
wrapping it around and around?

Yarn scrap ideas - fish spawn in pieces resembling grass
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-- Photo from Fish etc.

This insanely fascinating idea
 uses yarn pieces to resemble grass,
 to trap eggs from spawning fish!

Kid project alert!  Kansas State University: Urban Food Systems uses pink strings of yarn with evenly spaced beads as tools to show students where to plant their seeds based on recommended spacing.

Yarn scrap ideas - String to make air plant display
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-- Photo & product available from
Triple Seven Recycled

Triple Seven Recycled
sells this suspended
air plant display using
yarn strands to suspend
the plants. 

Check out these links for more yarn scrap ideas
--- and please share some of your own!

Until next time!

  1. I put bits of scraps out in the bird bath and the beginning of spring. They are all gone now and I am hoping to catch of glimpse of them in the nests in the next couple of weeks.

    1. In the bird bath! What a good idea! It would be so neat to look up and see a nest and with a colorful little piece of yarn and know you helped!


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