Free crochet granny square patterns: April 2014BAMCAL #3

It's nice being in a Crochet-A-Long (CAL).  It's a non-stressful way to have an afghan at year's end, and educational to see how color combinations the other members have done can totally alter the look of the same block.

This is the April "filler" square.  I don't know what that means, exactly, but I do know it's pretty!  It was a great pattern, easy to make, but is so striking that it doesn't look easy!  This is a keeper.

The pattern is for a 12" square, but using Caron Simply Soft yarn and a G hook, I make 9" blocks. Even then, sometimes I still need to add rows. (SS yarn is such a thin worsted, and looks best - to me, anyway - worked with a G hook, which is often smaller than what the pattern calls for).  For the same reason, when I do a 6" square, I need to add rows.

Hope you try this one and show it to me!

Here are the other squares for April:

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  1. Very pretty square. I especially love the center. Need to go back sometime in the future and try some new ones myself. Thanks for sharing


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