52 Week Crochet Challenge - Completed Challenges

Pick a challenge, any challenge....

These challenge questions were presented by Julie aRed Berry Crochet, and it's NEVER too late to start!  Just pick one and go at your own pace.  Go in order, or close your eyes and stick your finger on the computer screen.
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Not really a "challenge", but fun, like a game!  You will actually develop a stronger sense of style and confidence in your abilities, which was a surprising and unexpected benefit.

Be sure to brag about your progress, because we all want to know!  Here are my experiences:

Completed challenges:
Week 29 (09-17-14):  
Week 28 (09-10-14):  
Week 27 (09-03-14):  
Week 26 (08-27-14):  Organize your project kit and bag
Week 25 (08-20-14):  Online crochet classes or videos
Week 24 (08-13-14):  Imagine your crocheted items in the future
Week 23 (08-06-14):  Make crochet word cloud art
Week 22 (07-30-14):  Try a new technique
Week 21 (07-23-14):  Favorite crochet hook
Week 20 (07-16-14):  It's Christmas in July!
Week 19 (07-09-14):  Crochet something you've seen on TV or a movie
Week 18 (07-02-14):  Crochet in the movies and on TV
Week 17 (06-25-14):  Crochet a summer project
Week 16 (06-18-14):  Crochet from a chart
Week 15 (06-12-14):  Interpret different crochet terminology
Week 14 (06-04-14):  Crochet in Public
Week 13 (05-28-14):   Try a new tip this week.
Week 12 (05-21-14):   What is the best crochet tip that you use all the time?
Week 11 (05-14-14):   What kind of crocheter are you?
Week 10 (05-07-14):   What was your first project?
Week 9 (04-30-14):  Organize your patterns. Do you have a system to do it?
Week 8 (04-23-14):  Go through unfinished projects and finish or frog.
Week 7 (04-16-14):  Make a scrappy yarn project.
Week 6 (04-09-14):  Organize your yarn.  How do you do it?  By color, type, weight?
Week 5 (04-02-14):  Learn a new stitch this week, and show off a sample.
Week 4 (03-27-14):  How did you learn to crochet, or who taught you?
Week 3 (03-19-14):  Celebrate the First Day of Spring with a flower motif or theme.
Week 2 (03-12-14):  Start a crochet notebook, journal, scrapbook, or blog.
Week 1 (03-05-14):  How do you celebrate National Crochet Month? (I joined this challenge)!


Your thoughts are always appreciated!