Free crochet pattern - Yip Yip Martian Alien

Yip Yips - The Aliens from Mars on Sesame Street

Cute and adorable free crochet pattern for my favorite Sesame Street characters - the Martians - AKA Yip Yips!  Almost 60 and I still laugh when I see them.  If you haven't had the pleasure - take a look at this short video for yourself:

So I made one.  I played with him, pretending he was looking around at things, saying, "yip yip yip yip yip".  My daughter rolled her eyes and said I didn't have much of a life.  It was grand fun!

Free crochet pattern: Yip Yip Alien Martian - Sesame Street
This is Yip Yip #1.  He got in his flying saucer and flew to live with a friend that makes afghans for charities.  He sits on her chair while she crochets.

So I made another one.  But Yip Yip #2 flew away to stay with my 3 yr old grandson so fast I didn't get a picture of him!  3 yr old grandson wouldn't turn loose of him after he watched the video!

 Soooo.....I'm making another one.  But he's going to go with my daughter - you know, the one that rolled her eyes.  So she can roll her eyes some more.  Yip Yips are fascinated by rolling eyes.

Then I'll make another one for ME.  Hopefully he'll stay with me a while.  He will be my "yarn end monster" mascot, to cheer me on when I have a bazillion yarn ends to weave in.  He looks like he'd be good for that, doesn't he?

Here's the link to the free crochet pattern where you can make one too.
I'd love to see a pic of yours!  

(Click "free Ravelry download" toward the bottom).

Until next time!

  1. It's perfect!!! I love it. You have a totally cool life! :)

  2. It looks great! Impossible not to smile when you see these guys. Instant childhood flashback.


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