Gentle musing...Thank you, Moogly

Free crochet pattern - Itty Bitty Butterflies appliques
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Thank you to Tamara (aka Moogly) for hosting one of my designs in one of her pattern round-ups!  It's a nice feeling to have one's labor of love recognized.

Take a gander at my Itty-Bitty Worsted Butterflies and 9 other beautiful butterfly-inspired designs in her round-up here:
Beautiful Butterflies: 10 Free Butterfly Crochet Patterns!

I'm a regular visitor to Moogly, because she always has so much helpful and clear information.  I've found when I do a search for something related to crochet, her blog often comes up in the results, and when I have multiple choices to look at, it's more often than not hers that has the best answer!

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  1. I spotted these and didn't realise I knew the designer, good for you, the butterflies are very pretty!


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