The Giraffe Afghan Project: Patterns and customizations

Crocheted Jungle Afghan Scene w/Giraffe toy
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Crocheted Jungle Scene Afghan with Giraffe Toy

Features:  Giraffes, Tree w/3D leaves, butterflies, bird, clouds, sun, 3D elephant, caterpillars, snake, rocks, flowers, crocheted with worsted / aran weight yarn and eyelash yarn grass 

This is an afghan and toy that I made for my second grandson. (Clicking the pic above will take you to the page to view all pattern info, my notes and tips, and lots of close-up pics).  The original pattern (Giraffe Afghan, Pillow and Toy by Maggie Weldon), had giraffes, tree, clouds, and grass.

I designed and added the sun, caterpillars, butterflies, and elephant, which also served as my very first forays into pattern-writing!  You can click the afghan pic (above) to get the patterns and links for these, but thought I'd add them here, too.  They are all FREE:

Free Crochet Pattern - Rays of Sunshine Applique
Rays of Sunshine Applique
Free Crochet Pattern - Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillars
Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillars
Free Crochet Pattern - Itty-Bitty Worsted Butterflies
Itty-Bitty Worsted Butterflies
Free Crochet Pattern - 3D Worsted Elephant Applique
3D Worsted Elephant Applique
I also made rocks (one of the rocks is above with the fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars), and a snake, though I didn't write the patterns for them.
Crocheted Snake on a Crochet Rock with flowers & grass
Snake on a rock
The other things I did were to add flowers, including one in the grass held in the elephant's trunk, use fluffy yarn for the clouds, chenille yarn for the tree trunk, add about twice the number of tree leaves, add a mane and tail to the giraffe appliques, and add a mane to the giraffe toy.

It was a lot of work but sooooo much fun and I was so proud of it!

Until next time!

  1. That is ADORABLE! Wonderful work :) and elephants and giraffes are my favorite animals :D

  2. I love, love, love this sweet blanket! Nice work indeed. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    1. Thank you! I loved doing it so much because I'm such a kid at heart. It made me smile all the while I was doing it :)


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