Free Crochet Pattern: Door Prop / Guardian

Free Crochet Pattern - Door Prop / Guard
Click for free Door Prop / Guard Pattern
Necessity is the mother of invention! Have a door that you want to “pull to”, but not be able shut all the way? Maybe baby is sleeping in the other room, and you want the door to be shut enough to muffle activity, but not shut all the way so you can hear? Or perhaps you have cats and dogs that you want to be able to go in and out of a door that you want to keep closed off, but not latch. Well, I did - hence, this handy little gadget.  No more wedging towels or shoes or whatever was handy down on the floor between the door and jamb!

Crocheted with the easy-to-learn-and-do single crochet thermal stitch used in hot pads, and quick to make with a Q hook and 4 strands of worsted / aran yarn held together, it stays handy and neat just hanging on a door knob waiting to be used. A thoughtful, unique little shower gift for a new mom - you can bet she won't get one from any one else!  A great stash buster, too, if 4 different colors are used.

Item shown was made with: Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in Baby Blue

Enjoy, and share a pic of yours!

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