Free Crochet Pattern: Quick Cozy Scoodie

Quick Cozy Scoodie - free crochet pattern
Designed for a friend moving to chilly Pennsylvania, this pattern is an easy, quick, warm, thick, cozy, scoodie (combined scarf and hood).

There is a nice neck piece to tuck in or out, and long scarves to wrap around and tie or cover the face and keep the nose from turning into a popsicle.

The pattern is for an adult size, but smaller sizes are easy to make by using a smaller hook, fewer strands of yarn, or leaving off rows.  Photos showing measurements and illustrating pattern instructions are provided.

It is made using a large hook and 3 strands of yarn for the hood, and 2 strands of yarn for the scarf. It has the pretty, cushy texture of the easy aligned cobble stitch, and lots of customization possibilities.

Quick Cozy Scoodie - free crochet patternIf another worsted / aran yarn is used instead of Caron Simply Soft, you will probably need to use smaller hooks, or else sub 2 strands of yarn for the hood and 1 strand for the scarf.

Hooks: Size N (10.00 mm) and Size P (11.50 mm)

Stitches used: ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr

DOWNLOAD PATTERN HERE, or copy and paste this link:
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I'd love to see a pic of your scoodie!
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  1. Really like the Scarf, only hope I can do the cobble, never tried it before, but I'm willing.

    1. Hi! You'll have no problem! Beginner easy - the cobble stitch is made up of only two stitches - sc and tr. By working (sc in next st, tr in next st) across row, you did the cobble stitch! By putting a row of sc (or hdc etc) between them and making sure the cobbles line up, you make the aligned cobble stitch. (On a fun note - if you replace the "tr" with "dc" then you have made the griddle stitch). Have fun!


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