Crochet Challenge: Join a crochet group

Week 30 (09-24-14):  Fall is a great time to meet up with hookers.  Join a crochet group, local or online.  Check out the CGOA Chapter list or find a group on Ravelry.

Sadly there are no CGOA chapters anywhere close, but happily, there are lots of groups online!  Ravelry, of course, is the best there is.  Within Ravelry, there are groups for everyone, as long as it's related to knit, crochet, yarn, thread, etc.  It's amazing!

I belong to 15 groups within Ravelry (there are probably hundreds of them - like is said there are groups for EVERYONE) --- some CALs (crochet alongs), designer groups, even an organization group for all that yarn, works-in-progress, patterns, hooks/needles, etc.

And last but not least..... the 52 Week Crochet Challenge group that spurs this post (which I also found on Ravelry)!

You can see the groups I belong to HERE.  They're on the left hand side; just click their icon to find out more about them.

So, don't be alone!  Let's crochet together!

Until next time!
It's never too late to join the 52 Week Crochet Challenge by Julie at Red Berry Crochet!

  1. may I ask a question? how did you crochet the yellow centers in the Calla lillys in the purifying puritans square as shown on Ravelry? It is this weeks CAL on Moogly and I love the way you did them. I would like to duplicate them if possible. thank you.

    1. Yes, indeedy! And I'm so glad you liked it! Darn it all, wish I could take credit, because the look is awesome, but they were a friend's idea first LOL You can get the scoop here: I'd love to see your block when you finish it!


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