Free crochet granny square patterns: August 2014BAMCAL #1

As usual, the free crochet patterns via the 2014 BAM CAL group on Ravelry for this month made me smile!  (Said it before, but, yes, they really do)!  I learn something new with every one of them, and the variety of designs is so interesting.

It's already the middle of August (where does time GO?)!  Here are three granny squares crocheted for my afghan.

Free Crochet Pattern - Eve's Coverlet Granny Square
Eve's Coverlet Granny Square
Main 12"

Each month in this CAL there are three free crochet patterns:  (2) 12" and (1) 6" granny squares. 

One 12" square is chosen by the moderator; it is called the Main 12" square.  For the other two squares, anyone that wants to, nominates their favorites, and then they are voted on by the group. The 12" square voted on by the group is called the Filler 12" square.  The 6" is just called the 6" square.

Of course, anyone can do more or less - or other blocks.  There are no crochet police here!

Free Crochet Pattern - Thoughts of Spring Granny Square
Thoughts of Spring Granny Square
Filler 12"
Above and to the left are the two 12" squares, but using Simply Soft yarn and a G hook, I make 9" blocks.  Even then sometimes I still need to add rows.  (SS yarn is such a thin worsted, and looks best - to me, anyway - with a G hook, which is often smaller than what the pattern calls for).
Free Crochet Pattern - Eve's Coverlet Granny Square
Eve's Coverlet Close-up

(Click on the pics for info, including the link to the patterns & notes)

This is the 6" square. It was fun to do, and the pattern instructions were very clear.  I added 3 more rows to make 6".  (You won't have to add rows if you don't use Simply Soft yarn, and use the hook the pattern called for).  But, info for the extra rounds is in my notes if you need them!  

Until next time!

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  1. Your squares are lovely! I'm terribly behind (like March behind) in the CAL, and there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. I've added all the patterns to my library, so I WILL finish it one day :)

  2. I certainly understand! I joined a Mysteryghan which is now over, and haven't even started. UGH! Well, all we can do is all we can do!


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